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Benny is a Temperate Taurus - calm and gentle.

Monterey, CA

Dodie, a Mysterious Scorpio, lives in extremes, from cuddle bug to guard dog.  He is very territorial and protective of his family.

Seattle, WA

Zeus is a lovely Libra.  He loves to be groomed and have his beautiful fur noticed! And who wouldn't want to reach out and pet that lovely coat?? He's beautiful ... and he knows it!

Arlington, VA

Harper, a Libra pup, hates to be left alone! She's calm and loves a peaceful environment.  She's social, gentle, patient, and the responsible one in the family.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Talkative Sailor, a Leo, has a lot to say! She loves being the star of the show and will bring her toys to you to babysit. She also enjoys showing off her charm!

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Fox and charm.jpg

A rescue from racing, Fox has some anxiety.  A virtuous Virgo, he wants to please and is very devoted to his human family.  With a heightened sense of service, he accompanies his humans to volunteer in the hospital.

Oldwick, New Jersey

Cuddly Briony, a Cancer pup, enjoys her snuggles with her human mama.

Pavia, Italy

Harley, a Sagittarius, can hardly sit still.  He is in constant motion, running, rolling, and playing.  He absolutely loves the outdoors and follows his humans around the house until they take him on his walks.

Seattle, WA

Pretty Kyra is a freedom seeking Sagittarius.  Watch her when you open the the door or she may run out!

Destin, FL

Energetic Lily, true to her Sagittarius sign, loves the outdoors.  A smiling lady!

Pavia, Italy

Priscilla, a playful little Sagittarius pup, loves to jump and run!

Milwaukee, WI

Libby, this dramatic little Leo loves attention and praise.  He's great with children, which is good news since his human mama is due to have twins!

Seattle, WA

Dougie is a super social and playful Saggitarius.  All the guys at the hardware store know him by name.  He is a patient doggy with his family's 3 children.  And, while he doesn't run away, he does try to run out the front door. 

Dobbs Ferry, New York

Thunder is a calm steady Taurus.  He loves walks, lounging, his human family, other dogs, and tasty treats!

Juneau, Alaska

Meet Chips! "Every time I go to write my little Gemini puppy distracts me. ;-) I LOVED it, thank you so much!! I really liked the design, and the accurate description was super fun." 

Portland, Oregon

Intense Scorpio, Snoop! Big for his britches, he defends his family and doesn't hesitate to clarify his territory, even with much larger dogs.  Snoop's owners adopted him and having only an approximate birthdate, we reviewed the options and unanimously knew that Scorpio was the best fit! Seattle, Washington

Spock Seated.jpg

Spock, as a true Gemini, is easily distracted.  He loves squirels and young children.  Playful and curious he enjoys playing with children and other dogs. 

Seattle, Washington

Meet Jellybeans! This social Libra pup enjoys being in the center of attention.  He definitely owns the place.  Adorable and adored, he soaks in the love with style.

Seattle, Washington


Meet Jersey, our first Star Charmer!! She's a beautiful rescue pup whose parents did a simple DNA test that revealed that she's a Virgo.  The horoscope rang true to her human family! 

Seattle, Washington