Winding Down

We start this week with the Moon is serious Capricorn. Perhaps lighten the mood with some special treats or an extra outing for your sensitive Pisces pup. The Moon shifts into Aquarius on Tuesday but aligns with serious Saturn, then aligns with Jupiter and Mercury on Wednesday, when the mood will lighten considerably. Pisces may be more playful and it’s a good day for the dog park. On Thursday the Moon enters Pisces and squares off with Mars, creating some restless and high strung energy. Pisces may be needing some calm attention and affection Thursday — and not such a good day for meeting up with other critters. However, as the Moon embraces Venus on Friday, Pisces will be feeling more amorous/affectionate. The New Moon arrives Saturday, with a striking alignment of the Sun, Moon and Neptune in tender hearted Pisces! That’s some major Love Vibes, but your sensitive Pisces may need to chill in the yard, communing with Nature in a calm, peaceful setting. Feel free to join her, and do some star gazing Saturday night. You never know what you might see. 🥰

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