Virgo Season! ♍️ Virgo Specials! 💫

Happy birthday month, Virgo Star Charmers! We start the season with Virgo’s traditional ruler, Mercury, in Virgo, and Mars as well — that’s a lotta Virgo Vibes! Virgo pups may be feeling energized — or anxious. Either way, Virgos are at their best when engaged in useful activities, so this would be a good time for training your Virgo pup — ever consider exploring service dog training? This is a natural role for Virgo. But even something simpler will do, as long as it makes Virgo feel like the “good dog” they of course are.

To celebrate our Virtuous Virgos, we are offering Virgo Star Charms and astrological readings at a discount during Virgo Season! $14.95 for our lovely Charms, and $30 for a 30” reading. Readings can be arranged by emailing Laurel at We look forward to hearing from you! 🌟♍️

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