Virgo Season Moon Blog #4

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Star Charmers! This is one holiday whose astrological timing is perfect — Virgo is certainly one of the most dedicated workers in the Zodiac! Labor as an act of devotion is quite central to the Virgo Psyche, and for pups this can mean being well-trained, responding well to “commands” or even being a literal service dog.

So, what kinds of moods will the Moon be bringing Virgo critters this week? We start off on Sunday with a fiery Leo Moon opposite Jupiter in Aquarius, infusing the day with joyful play energy, which is a great opportunity for Virgo to come out of their serious shell and just plain have some fun! On Monday the Moon moves on to Virgo and at about 5pm PST we have the New Moon (Sun and Moon aligned), setting the tone for the next 4 weeks. This is a very interesting NM, being fairly close to Mars in Virgo, which is opposite Neptune In Pisces, and with supportive energy from Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Additionally, Virgo’s traditional ruler, Mercury, is in Libra and is opposite it’s theoretical actual ruler, Chiron in Aries....OK, enough with the astrologese, what does it all mean?! Bottom line, this day could portend a profound opportunity for healing, or increasing one’s healing skills, for Virgos. Depending on the individual‘s chart, the Virgo pup could be experiencing some nervous tension these days, yet the opportunity for being grounded and learning to overcome that tension, or anxiety, is very strong. This is an excellent time to spend teaching Virgo new skills, for example socializing, training, or overcoming any neurotic tendencies. A light-hearted but focused approach conveys confidence and positive expectations for Virgo, and they will respond accordingly. As we go forward into Tuesday, the Moon conjuncts Mars, heightening Virgo physical and mental energy — please give Virgo an opportunity to release this energy in a positive way today! Wednesday brings a Libra Moon, aligning with Mercury and opposing Chiron but trine Saturn — another day of opportunity for teaching new skills, especially social skills, or just enjoying companionship. Thursday’s Libra Moon is even more social as it is aligned with Venus, at home in Libra. Virgo critters will enjoy the pleasant companionship energy of these Libra days! Friday the Moon moves on to Scorpio, making a stressful t-square with Uranus and Saturn. Virgo pups may feel some anxiety with this, and most likely it’s not a great day for play dates or a visit to the dog park. On Saturday morning the Scorpio Moon continues to oppose Uranus but is moving away from that aspect and into a square with Jovial Jupiter In Aquarius. This will bring some intense emotional energy, which may result in some irritability for Virgos, but it passes by next Sunday morning.

As always, remember that the most accurate astrology is based on the individual’s chart, not just the sun sign. Feel free to take advantage of this month’s special for Virgos -- $14.95 for Charms (25% off), or individual chart readings for $30 (30% off)!

Chow for now!

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