Virgo Moon Blog, Special Edition: Anxiety

I know, I know, it’s not a “sexy” subject, and probably not great to lead with! But when we are talking about Virgo, honestly, anxiety is part of the package. And bless their humble hearts, Virgo pups are no exception. How best to help Virgo creatures cope? The key to dealing with anxiety is understanding it’s purpose: protection. We worry about things that might harm us or our loved ones, so that we can devise ways to avoid, prepare or protect. This week’s blog will incorporate suggestions to help Virgo pups in particular, but may well be relevant to pups of other sun signs.

We start the week with the Moon entering Gemini, another Mercury-ruled sign that, like Virgo, can be nervous or high strung. Sunday through Tuesday may bring an overstimulated vibe to Virgo pups, who can become antsy or restless, and engage in nervous activities like pacing, hiding, whining or barking unnecessarily, excessive grooming, or digestive upset. Virgo is most comforted by routine, a calm environment, and feeling useful or productive. For doggies, this can mean maintaining a very consistent schedule with meals and walks, providing a “safe space” like a cozy crate just for Virgo, and, when anxiety is heightened, distracting them by giving simple commands like fetch, sit, or stay (followed by a treat of course!). Some dogs really benefit from pressure vests when they are stressed, and others may respond to certain kinds of music, recorded nature sounds, Doggie TV (yes, it’s a thing!), calming scents or herbs.

Wednesday through Friday the Moon moves through her natural domicile, Cancer, bringing heightened emotions, sensitivity and security needs — Virgo pups may be less impacted by the watery emotional nature of Cancer, but will be responsive to her humans’ moods. Affection, verbal praise and yummy treats are always good choices during a Cancer Moon!

Saturday and next Sunday we have a Leo Moon, bringing more confident energy and likely less anxiety for Virgos, who will have happily weathered the week well, with your loving support.

Have a Charmed a week!

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