Twins Season!

We have officially entered Gemini time, and what a month it will be! We start off with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in Gemini, creating lots of restless, curious, flirtatious energy. It will be a good time for frequent, short outings for your Gemini Star Charmer, where he can mix and mingle with other critters. The full moon in Sagittarius on the 26th will contribute to Gemini’s wanderlust — keep a close eye on the front door! Gemini pups will be very tempted to go out exploring! Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury enters the infamous retrograde phase from May 29th to June 22nd. Gemini will really be feeling this, and it may manifest as quirky behavior or extra barking. Your Gemini pup will definitely be trying to communicate this month! This may be especially true on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of June 10th.

Although learning new tricks is often a good pastime for Gemini dogs, this season not so much! It will be hard to stay focused. Gemini will be vivacious and charming as always, but very easily distracted. Perhaps throwing a frisbee for pup to fetch would be a better endeavor!

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