This week in Moons

Happy Sunday, Charmers. Has the Virgo Moon this weekend been a grounding influence, or stirred up some anxiety for your Aquarian pooch? Ironically, it can go either way as Virgo is earthy and pragmatic, but also ruled by electric Mercury and can be over stimulating to the nerves. Hopefully our Aquarian canine companions are feeling grounded and content.

As we head into Monday the Moon enters Libra, which generally creates a pleasant, cooperative mood. Aquarians especially enjoy the social nature of Libra, and if you have an Aquarian puppy, the beginning of the week would be a very good time for training activities. By end of Tuesday there’s a challenging aspect from powerful Pluto, and best to avoid power struggles. Early Wednesday until the wee hours of Friday morning, we are looking at a Scorpio Moon, in challenging aspects to planets in Aquarius and Taurus. Aquarian pups may show some moodiness or perhaps be oddly territorial, not usually an Aquarian trait. It’s a good time for giving them space while remaining upbeat and playful if they are so inclined! Friday to Sunday, we have a Sagittarius Moon, another compatible sign for Aquarius pups, who may be especially sociable and really enjoy visiting friends at the dog park! Several trips, in fact! Sunday afternoon the Moon moves into Capricorn, and our Aquarian pups may begin to slow down. A little training activity for puppies may be in order as well.

By the way, all time references are Pacific Standard.

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