The Pisces Super Power: Empathy

Hello StarCharmers — We moved into the month of sensitive, compassionate Pisces on the 18th and started off pretty calmly. By the Virgo Full Moon on Friday the 26th, Venus will have also entered Pisces, where she is “exalted,” meaning she can most easily express her loving, harmonious nature. Pisces pups will be feeling social and affectionate. By March 7th Venus, the Sun and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) are all very close together, and this begins a period of heightened spiritual awareness for those so inclined. Even your Pisces pal will respond, and if she is a therapy dog, she will be especially powerful in that role at this time. Dogs are unconditionally loving to begin with, and Pisces is the most unconditionally loving sign of the Zodiac. A Pisces dog is quite possibly the most therapeutic, healing creature on the planet! The New Moon in Pisces on the 13th is extremely potent, and Pisces critters will be deeply affected. They may be especially affectionate, but they also may be ungrounded and easily confused. Please do not let them run around off leash at this time if you are anywhere near traffic or even unknown dogs. Pisces will be more vulnerable. Also please avoid trips to the beach with your Pisces pup, as the sea will be very unpredictable. This is an amazing month for spiritual pursuits and although that may sound strange when speaking about dogs, believe me, all sentient beings will be feeling it this month! It’s truly a very special time. And Pisces pups will definitely be at the height of their sensitivity. So soak in all that devotional love — just be sure to give it back.

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