Taurus Time

Hello Star Charmers! We are wrapping up Aries and moving into Taurus this week, starting Monday night. In fact, several planets will be moving from Aries into Taurus this month, bringing a grounded, peace-seeking period. No sign is more earthy than Taurus, and Venus ruled Taurus pups will relish outdoor time but are often not as physically active as some of the other signs. With a temperament like Ferdinand the Bull, Taurus dogs will enjoy lolling in a grassy field on a nice sunny day, slowly making their way home in time to savor dinner and then snuggle into a soft, cozy bed. Aaah, this is the life! The only catch is, with rebellious Uranus making its way through Taurus over the next several years, there will be periods of uncharacteristic nervous energy or restlessness for Taurus. Stay tuned for weekly updates over the next month, highlighting how the Moon changes will affect our Taurus buddies!

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