Taurus New Moon

Well, Taurus pups, you may be in a bit of a “Push me, pull you” mood, and given that Taurus likes predictability and stability, the strange happenings in the heavenly bodies may have you feeling perturbed. As the Moon moves out of Aries and into earthy Taurus Monday through Wednesday, you may feel more settled part of the time, but also more restless! Uranus in your sign is shaking things up a bit more than you’d like, but hopefully your two-legged pal knows you need more outdoor time, and takes you somewhere special. Wednesday afternoon the Moon enters curious Gemini, and time at the dog park will be especially playful and fun through Friday. Next weekend, we’ll have a Cancer Moon — a good time to put your head in your human’s lap, cuddle up next to her and get some extra petting. And try not to chew any shoes, no matter how good they smell!

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