Summer Solstice: Cancer Season

Hello Star Charmers. We begin this week with the Summer Solstice, as the sun moves into sensitive, emotional Cancer at around 9pm PST Sunday. The Scorpio Moon and Pisces Jupiter form a Grand Trine with the Cancer Sun — strong emotions on this Father’s Day eve, and an interesting beginning for Cancer season. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and is often more affected by it than others are. Today, that Scorpio Moon is also part of a Grand Square with Mars, Saturn and Uranus in all the fixed signs. This definitely creates an emotional intensity that can manifest in increased territoriality, power struggles, impulsivity, and stubborn anger. These emotional states in pups need sensitive attention and management. Cancer critters will no doubt be sensing this stormy cosmic weather, and may be especially needy for affection and cuddles. Indulge her! This charged atmosphere will continue for a few days, but as the Moon shifts into Sagittarius on Tuesday, more light-hearted playfulness may emerge and Cancer can lighten up! Enjoy the next few days of a more benevolent mood, and be sure to take your Cancer critter on some good long walks. We have a Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday, and the earthiness of Cap may bring a welcome calm. Unfortunately, Friday brings some stressful aspects that could, again, bring out the more possessive, territorial side of canines, including Cancer. Not a great day for the dog park. Saturday the Moon moves into friendly Aquarius, and trines Mercury in Gemini. This is a pretty good day for the dog park, or other areas where your Cancer Star Charmer may enjoy romping about with some four legged pals. Just be sure to be ready for more hugs and kisses when Cancer comes home to nest. Enjoy!

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