Scorpio New Moon

We start off the week with a Virgo Moon, compatible with Scorpios, and tending toward a subdued vibe. The Moon enters lovely Libra late Monday afternoon, bringing a desire for grace and harmony. Scorpio pups will be more mellow than usual during a Libra Moon. Wednesday evening the Moon gets close to Mars and makes a challenging aspect to Pluto. Mars (God of war) and Pluto (God of the underworld) co-rule Scorpio critters, who make great guard dogs. However, Wednesday evening, Scorpio may be a bit over-zealous in the “protection” department. Not a great time for socializing with strangers. Scorpio May also demonstrate possessiveness and jealousy towards other pets who get close to you Wednesday through Friday. The Scorpio New Moon occurs Thursday at about 2pm PST, and it is a doozy! With challenging aspects from strict Saturn, jovial Jupiter, and unpredictable Uranus, Scorpio canines could be quite restless and excitable — really important to give your Scorpio good exercise and hardy playtime to release the intensity of this New Moon! Scorpios make great detectives, too, so games that involve finding something hidden (especially a good, chewable bone!) would make Scorpio a happy camper. Friday’s Scorpio Moon is a little less intense, but a good outdoor frolic is still advisable. Saturday brings us a Sagittarius Moon, and Scorpio pups will be more light-hearted and playful. Enjoy!

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