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Happy Virgo Season, Star Charmers! We start off this week with the Sun slipping into Virgo while the Full Moon is in Pisces, and still very close to Jupiter. Lots of kindness in this Full Moon, bringing out the sensitive, service-oriented side of Virgo. We also have a preponderance of Earth energy right now, with Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus — an excellent time for enjoying the natural world, and Virgo pups may be feeling energized yet grounded. The Moon continues along in Pisces Monday and early Tuesday, meeting up with Neptune and opposing those Virgo planets. For some Virgos, this could be a bit stressful and bring out the hermit side of your pup, but it will pass. Tuesday, the Moon moves into Aries, and by Wednesday it aligns with Chiron and opposes Venus in Libra — not a great day for relating to females, and Virgo females may feel insecure and competitive, even a bit snippy! Probably not an ideal day for the dog park, but okay for other outdoor adventures! Thursday the Aries Moon makes a challenging aspect to Pluto, but Virgo is too grounded to react. Friday and Saturday we have a Taurus Moon, contacting rebellious Uranus and trining Virgo planets — a good time to teach even an old (Virgo) dog new tricks!

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