New Moon Week

Quite a week for Libra! Sun, Mars and Mercury (retrograde) are all in Libra, and the Moon joins them With the New Moon in Libra on Wednesday. There are challenging aspects from intense, controlling Pluto as well as wounded Chiron, and Libra’s ruler Venus is in its detriment sign, Scorpio. However, there’s a wonderful trine with Saturn and Jupiter. Overall, this week is all about relating — practicing compromise without sacrificing oneself, finding balance between caring for others and caring for self, enjoying relationships while also valuing one’s own identity and independence. Libra pups will respond to these cosmic energies by feeling rather driven to engage with others, but at times feeling overwhelmed and possibly retreating. This will be heightened on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Moon will be mid-Scorpio on Friday and opposing Uranus — for many Libras this will be a good day for alone time, as the general public including canines will be experiencing the more primal emotions of Scorpio, which can be unsettling for Libra sensibilities. By Saturday the Moon and Venus will be aligned in Sagittarius — a great day for outdoor activities for everyone, including Libra. Get out there and enjoy the lovely fall weather! ♎️🐕🌟🌙

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