New Moon in Gemini

Hello beautiful Star Charmers! This is an interesting week! We begin on Sunday (through Tuesday) with a Taurus Moon, aligned with Uranus and a challenge from Saturn. A strange mood for all, but the earth element helps keep it grounded. This is good for our Gemini pups, who are experiencing their ruling planet Mercury in its notorious retrograde state, and challenged by Neptune to boot! Gemini pups are probably feeling rather restless and confused these days, which will reach it’s zenith at the full moon on Wednesday/Thursday. Given how vocal Gemini tends to be, don’t be surprised if there’s some howling at the moon this week! Friday to Saturday the Moon is in sensitive Cancer, aligning with Venus. This could be a truly sweet couple of days bonding with your Gemini critter, who may be feeling unusually cuddly. Yummy treats are also especially well-received during the Cancer Moon, even for airy Gemini. Enjoy!

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