Moon Shadows

As the Moon enters Cancer Sunday night, we begin the week with a great potential for overflowing emotions. Your Pisces pup will most likely be especially sweet and affectionate at the beginning of this week. He may need some extra petting and cuddles as well. As the week progresses, the Moon enters dramatic Leo on Wednesday and makes some stressful aspects over the next few days. None of this directly affects the sign of Pisces, but because of their generally empathic nature, Pisces may nonetheless sense the bigger picture and respond accordingly. This may mean some extra affection from pup, as she tries to be the natural healer that she is. The Moon progresses into Virgo on Friday and we have the full Virgo Moon, opposite the Pisces sun. Venus has also now entered Pisces, and is approaching the Sun, creating an especially kind-hearted energy. This is a time of heightened sensitivity for Pisces. She may decide to howl at the Moon this month – and perhaps you will join her!

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