Moon Moods for Pisces Pups

Happy Sunday, Star Charmers. We start the week with an Aries Moon, lined up with Chiron. This is a pretty intense aspect, but there are other, sweeter energies in the stars as well, and Pisces pups may have a little more energy and adventurous vibe going on today and Monday. A good game of tug o’ war might be called for, in fact. Tuesday and Wednesday the Moon will be in placid Taurus but also lined up with anything-but-placid Uranus! Pisces may enjoy this combo, again feeling energized, adventurous, and even rebellious. A few good frisky walks are definitely in order. The Moon shifts into Gemini later in the day Thursday, and by Friday afternoon the Moon, Mars and Pluto are a stressful situation. Pisces would not do well at the dog park during this time, when aggression and restlessness may prevail and peace loving Pisces may feel overwhelmed. Safety first, but if your Pisces pup has any good pals, a play date might be fun Saturday.

As always, remember that Sun sign astrology is only the tip of the iceberg, and true insight comes through an actual, personal chart.

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