Moon Moods for Leo

Happy birthday season, Leo Star Charmers! Did Friday’s Full Moon have you energized and rambunctious?! We start off this week with the Moon still in rebellious Aquarius, aligned with expansive Jupiter and opposing action-oriented Mars —I imagine Leo pups are rarin’ to go! Outdoor romps are especially important Sunday and early Monday. As the Moon moves into Pisces and gradually moves past the Mars opposition, Leo is probably winding down, and by Tuesday the Moon aligning with mystical Neptune in Pisces brings out the benevolent and gentle side of Leo the lion-hearted. Wednesday’s Aries Moon makes a solid trine to the Sun and Mercury in Leo, and is another excellent day for outdoor adventures for Leo! All that fire energy needs to be channeled! This continues Thursday and Friday, with Leo feeling quite exuberant and maybe barking more than usual! Friday afternoon the Moon moves into earthy Taurus, and by Saturday afternoon is aligned with rebel Uranus in a t-square challenge with the Leo Sun and Mercury, and Aquarius Saturn. Leos may be feeling stubborn and willful — not a great time for training if your Leo Star Charmer is a puppy! Best to let that mood be expressed in a game of tug of war that Leo can safely win, even if he does gloat a little!

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