Moon Moods for Cancer Critters

We begin this week with Cancer’s ruling planet, the Moon, in friendly Aquarius, but aligned with repressive Saturn and making a stressful T square with Mars, Venus, and Uranus. Thankfully, this push me -pull you energy is temporary, and the Moon moves into peace-loving Pisces on Monday, aligning with Jupiter and then Neptune over the next few days, most likely creating a loving, affectionate mood for Cancer between Monday and Wednesday. Thursday, we have an Aries Moon aligning with Chiron and trining Mars and Venus n Leo, creating some very passionate, fiery energy that may be a bit intense for Cancer critters, though it could just be energizing. Friday the Aries Moon squares Capricorn Pluto, creating moodiness and power struggles. But Saturday’s Taurus Moon brings stable, nurturing energy back to the fore, a naturally compatible state for Cancer. As always, Cancer is a sensitive but social sign, and responds well to cuddles and affection. Enjoy!

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