Moon Moods for Aries

We start out the week with a sensitive Cancer Moon, not the most compatible vibe for Aries, but nothing an extra helping of Aries’ favorite chow won’t cure! Moving forward, the Moon shifts into Leo Tuesday evening, where it stays through Thursday eve. This will be an especially happy time for Aries, who will no doubt be energized and “extra”! Have fun playing with your Aries pup, and it’s also a good time for a trip to the groomer. The Moon moves into reserved Virgo late Thursday, and makes a challenging aspect to Aries’ ruling planet, Mars on Friday — this is definitely not the best time for doggie socializing, so I’d avoid play dates and dog parks, but fetch or tug o’ war could be a good outlet for Aries’ more aggressive energies end of the week. As always, lots of pats and belly rubs keeps Aries feeling loved!

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