Moon Blog for Aries Pups

We wind up the weekend with a serious Capricorn Moon on Sunday, not a favorite vibe for impulsive Aries. But with four planets in Aries as the Moon enters Aquarius on Monday, Aries will be feeling spry! The extroverted, social side of Aries will be highlighted well through Wednesday, and your Aries pup will really enjoy being the life of the party, whether with other canines or human pals. He may

need a lot of attention this week! The Moon moves into sensitive Pisces on Thursday, where she stays throughout Friday. Aries may be more subdued on these days, and humans, enjoy the rest because the Moon shifts into Aries around 1am Saturday (PST), and Sunday brings the Aries New Moon, with a total of 5 planets in aggressive Aries! This is a LOT of “me” energy! She will need lots of attention, grooming, physical activity! Dog parks could be tricky for Alpha Aries next weekend, but outings where Aries can run, explore, and safely chew things up will go a long ways to keeping your pup manageable this month! And remember, always give Aries lots of praise for good behavior — they thrive on that positive attention.

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