Leo New Moon

Hello Charming Leos! We started this week with the New Moon in Leo, along with Mercury. Leos with birthdays within about a week of 8/8 will be feeling this the strongest. Leo may be especially craving attention and validation, and may engage n some interesting behaviors to get it! As with children, best to give attention/validation for positive behaviors, otherwise you’ll be forced to give attention to negative behaviors! Leo has a big heart but also likes to feel a sense of control and is often dominant with other animals. Those tendencies may be more pronounced at this time. Monday the Moon shifts into Virgo, and will be aligning with Mars and then Venus by Wednesday. This brings a more grounded and conservative mood for Leo. On Wednesday afternoon the Moon moves into lovely Libra, a sign that Leo is quite in sync with, as both enjoy good times and good company. Leo will be more mellow and more prone to compromise and sharing with the Libra Moon, so Wednesday through Friday are good days for visiting with doggie pals, having play dates, or going to the dog park. Next weekend we have a Scorpio Moon on Saturday and Sunday. This is not a sign that brings out the best in Leo, as both are fixed (stubborn!) signs that tend to be dominant. Consequently, next weekend is not likely to be a good time for Leo pups to be around new dogs, as competition for the “alpha” role is more likely.

As always, remember that the Moon, though very powerful, is only one of many cosmic influences, and a fuller understanding of any creature — canine, human or “other“ — is best obtained with their individual, personal chart.

Take good care out there, Star Charmers! 🌙💫🐶🦁🦁🦁

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