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Happy Sunday, Star Charmers! We start this week with a Scorpio Moon, not the most compatible sign for Leo. With a challenging aspect from Jupiter in Aquarius, Sunday has a charged intensity for Leo pups, which could make for an especially fun day (after all, who does “fun” better than Leo?!], or a bit of excessive alpha competition. By Monday the Moon moves on to fiery Sagittarius and brings some joyful vibes for Leo, who will be energized and playful. This mood lasts through Tuesday. Wednesday morning we have a somber Capricorn Moon, which can bring out the prideful, protective side of loyal Leo’s. Thursday the Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn and makes an irritating aspect to the Leo Sun. The intensity may be a bit much for some Leo critters, but there are other, gentler astrological aspects to counter it. Friday the Moon moves into Leo’s opposite, Aquarius and aligns with Saturn. Moon-Saturn aspects aren’t exactly light or fun, but with a square to Uranus in Taurus, all bets are off! Leo doggies may be feeling rambunctious or rebellious, and on Saturday as the Aquarius Moon aligns with Jupiter, opposing the Leo Sun, we can expect Leo pups to be feeling frisky and friendly! Saturday at the dog park would be perfect for Leo StarCharmers.

Next Sunday will be the Full Moon in Aquarius very early in the morning (then shifting into Pisces after sunrise) and still aligned with Jupiter. This is a very benevolent energy for all of us but especially for Leo’s — another good day for the dog park or play dates! Enjoy! 💫🦁🌛🐕‍🦺🌟

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