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Hello Leo star charmers! We start this week with a Taurus moon on Sunday, making a challenging aspect to both Jupiter and Mars, which may cause naturally energetic Leo’s to be feeling quite exuberant! A good day for the great outdoors, where Leo can romp around to his hearts content! Monday morning the moon moves into restless, flirtatious Gemini, and Leo may be feeling even more rambunctious. A good day for the dog park — with good supervision. Tuesday’s Gemini Moon makes a challenging T Square with Pisces Neptune and Virgo Venus and a lovely trine to Jupiter in Aquarius — this combination may be especially good for Leo right now, as she has serious, oppressive Saturn opposing her Sun/Mercury conjunction, along with a stressful square from Uranus. Leo’s got a lot going on this week! Leo’s natural vivaciousness may be feeling a bit dampened or erratic these days, but Tuesday to Wednesday’s moonscape may loosen things up. On Wednesday afternoon the Moon moves into her domicile, Cancer, where she stays until very early Saturday. Leo may be feeling especially protective or affectionate towards her human and other-critter familia while the Moon passes through Cancer. Saturday the Moon enters Leo, leading to increased feels for Leo, who may be rather dramatic next weekend! The New Moon in Leo is next Sunday…stay tuned for next week’s New Moon Blog!

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