Leo Full Moon

Hello Star Charmers! Here is this week’s moon sign blog, focused on Aquarius. As the moon is the fastest moving planet, it tells us a lot about shifting moods and energy levels. This week, we leave the light-hearted and mischievous Gemini moon on Monday afternoon and shift into Cancer, a sign very different from friendly but cool Aquarius. The Cancer moon is all about the feels, wants to cuddle and snuggle, and indulge in comfort food. This may be uncomfortable or seem quite exotic to the Aquarius nature. Late Wednesday we have the Leo full moon....buckle up! The full moon brings emotions to full fruition, and they do need a healthy outlet. With a T square between planets in Aquarius, Taurus and Leo, I’m guessing there may be some dramatic surprises end of week! Aquarian critters will definitely be feeling and expressing this! We move into the Virgo moon Friday night, and can expect an earthy, less rambunctious weekend ahead.

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