Full Moon Monday - last Virgo, first Libra Moon Blog

Hey Star Charmers. We begin Virgo’s last week with a Pisces Moon on Sunday, which softens the mood all around. The Virgo Sun is close to warrior Mars and trine Pluto, giving Virgos born around this time a pretty headstrong vibe right now. As the Moon moves through Pisces, it becomes the Full Moon late Monday afternoon, and could amplify Virgo’s unusual willfulness, or conversely, soften them up. As the lunar sign becomes Aries, late Tuesday afternoon we could definitely see some aggressive tendencies for late Virgo/early Libras. Wednesday is the Fall Equinox, as the Sun moves into Libra, joining Mars and Mercury as they also journey through the sign of partnership and cooperation. For Libra pups, this is an energetic start to the month ahead, and she may be quite eager to get out and meet other critters! We begin Thursday morning with an earthy, grounded Taurus Moon, and Libras will have a calmer mood, but Friday that Taurus Moon aligns with Uranus and forms a stressful t—square with Libra’s ruler, Venus, and stern Saturn in Aquarius. This is not a great day for Libras, who desire nothing more than peaceful, harmonious relationship, which Friday’s astrology does not favor. Saturday the intensity lessens, and this could be a rather nice day for the dog park. More for Libra next week! 💫🐕♎️

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