Full Moon in Sagittarius

Hello charming Geminis! This is a very interesting week, starting with the Libra Moon this weekend making a grand trine with planets in Gemini and Aquarius — a lovely Air energy lifting our spirits and giving Gemini pups a pleasant, easy-going mood. The Moon shifts into intense Scorpio Sunday night. We will have a grand trine in water signs, allowing for free-flowing feelings. Gemini pups may exhibit a little moodiness or territoriality, but probably pretty minor stuff Monday to Wednesday . The Full Sagittarius Moon is on Thursday with a challenging aspect to expansive Jupiter. Gemini will be energized, enthusiastic, restless — your Gemini pal may need a lot of attention and extra playtime Thursday to Friday! As we head into next weekend, we have a Capricorn Moon, bringing us all down to earth. Gemini may be calmer, more subdued. A good chew toy might be just the ticket! Enjoy your Star Charmer and as always, know that a true astrological reading is very individualized, based on the exact time and place of birth. Feel free to contact us at with questions!

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