Full Moon and Last Week of Libra

What a lovely way to start the week — Libra planets trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, Pisces Moon aligned with Idealistic Neptune, and Venus in Sagittarius — Libra pooches will be feeling energized, joyful, playful, and just generally happy. A great time for socializing with other critters, whether two legged or four! This happy vibe mostly continues as the Moon moves into Aries Monday and trines Venus, though an alignment with wounded healer Chiron late afternoon and throughout Tuesday could cramp the mood with some insecurities, and may bring out some irritability. Wednesday morning we have the full Aries Moon, with a t -square to Pluto in Capricorn and the Libra Sun and Mars. This is Not a good dog park day, but much better for a stay home and snuggle day for Libra pooches. There will be emotional tension with this full moon; however, that happy trine with Jupiter helps Libra stay positive and balanced. Thursday’s Taurus moon aligns with Uranus and anything is possible! This can be electrifying and exciting for some, or unsettling for others. Libra most likely enjoys the excitement! Friday the Taurus Moon is challenged by Jupiter, but

in the flow with Pluto; Libra‘s harmonious connection with optimistic, happy go lucky Jupiter will be emphasized, and mood should be uplifting but subtle (Taurus is an earth sign, after all). Saturday the Sun moves into mysterious Scorpio, and the Moon shifts into social butterfly Gemini, with a grand trine to the Libra and Aquarius planets — even serious Scorpio is likely to feel more light-hearted next weekend!

As always, time references are PST, and remember, for a more in-depth and personalized reading, the individual horoscope is necessary. Libra and Scorpio specials this week! $20 for 30 minute individual chart readings! Such a deal! ♎️🌙♏an

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