Eight Days a Week

Hello Star Charmers, here we are in the last 8 days of Gemini, starting off the week with a Leo Moon intensely aspecting Mars and Pluto — lots of power struggles! A good game of tug o’ war could help dissipate some of that aggressive energy. Gemini planets are challenged by Neptune in Pisces this week, causing Gemini pups to be a little spacey or silly, but probably having fun with it! The Moon moves into logical Virgo on Wednesday, and Thursday makes stressful aspects to planets in Gemini and Pisces, causing Gemini pups to get a bit high-strung — a nice romp in the dog park might be helpful! A tired pup is a relaxed pup! Friday and Saturday we have a Libra Moon, much more in harmony with airy Gemini, and making a lovely trine to Saturn in Aquarius. These should be relaxed and happy days for Gemini Star Charmers – and their doting humans!

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