Cancer Moon Blog July 12th

Hello Star Charmers – we begin this week with a Leo Moon Sunday to early Tuesday, aligning with sensual Venus and passionate Mars, and with challenging aspects to Saturn and Uranus. For Moon-ruled Cancer this could be a few days of unusual excitability and a tremendous drive to break free and have some FUN. Cancer may really enjoy being around children, whose natural playfulness they will feel a strong affinity with. The Moon then moves on to Virgo Tuesday, opposing expansive Jupiter in Pisces. Meanwhile there are some stressful events going on between planets in Cancer, Aries and Capricorn (as well as some flowing, harmonious contacts between Cancer and Pisces — yes, astrology is complicated!)…what the heck is this astrologer trying to say? 😄 Bottom line, Cancer, who loves to eat, may be tempted to overdue it this week, and while the Moon is in Virgo, this could lead to some digestive upsets — give your pup some lovely treats, but keep an eye on how much he gobbles down! Early Thursday and into Saturday the Moon moves through Libra, and these days should be mostly pleasant for Cancer pups, until Saturday morning. Saturday aspects could bring out some moodiness and territoriality/jealousy for Cancer. Your Cancer pup may be a bit sulky next weekend, but as with everything else in life, “this too shall pass.”

Remember, all reference to time is PST. Also, if you are curious about a more in-depth, personalized reading (for you or your pup — or both!), email Laurel at Have a wonderful week! 🥰🌙💫

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