Building up to the New Moon in Cancer

We start the week with a Taurus Moon on Sunday the 4th, in a T-square with Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Venus in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. Although Cancer is simpatico with the Taurus vibe, this t-square can bring up significant tensions between the desire for freedom and self-expression and the need for control. Being in fixed signs, there is likely to be a stubborn stand-off! For Cancer pups, this tension may show up as moodiness, territoriality, or overeating. Luckily, by Tuesday afternoon the Moon moves into Gemini, in more harmonious aspect to both the Leo and Aquarius planets. This brings a more lighthearted and playful mood, with Tuesday and Wednesday both good days for socializing and outings. Thursday afternoon the Gemini Moon aligns with Mercury in a square with Neptune, bringing a spacey vibe that Cancer critters are probably not too bothered by! The Moon moves into Cancer on Friday and aligns with the Sun, aka the New Moon, on Saturday. Cancer pups will be all in their feels, with those born between July 5-15 especially affected. This New Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn, and can bring out some insecurity, jealousy and territoriality in anyone, but especially Cancer. Cancer critters may want to hunker down in their “nest” Saturday, but it never hurts to offer some affection, which is often the key to soothing them.

As always, remember that the Moon is only one of many astrological influences on any given day. A full personalized horoscope gives much more individualized information.

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