Aquarius Time!

We enter Aquarius season on January 19th and quickly have a showdown on the 20th! Planets in Aquarius versus planets in Taurus, which engage in intense power struggles, with the desire to rebel, desire to be completely free of limitations, and desire for non-conformity squaring off (literally) with the stubborn desire for calm, control and even domination.

What does this mean for pooches?

Aquarians are quirky and unconventional by nature so that will most definitely be enhanced at this time, especially for those born within the first two weeks of the sign. Taurus, Leo and Scorpio will also be affected, but today is all about Aquarius. Human companions can best manage the unruly tendencies of their Aquarius canines by giving them LOTS of time at the dog park, dog runs, romps at the beach or in open fields —anywhere they can safely burn off excess energy! Also, best to keep anything precious locked up or out of sight, not just out of reach as that can make it even more tempting – and you know they’re smart enough to figure out a way to get at things they can see! Give them chew toys, bones that can be safely chewed down, toys that challenge them mentally, and engage in tug-of-war with them —in short, give them healthy outlets for their aggressive or exuberant energies, and when they still act out by chewing up your favorite slippers, just know, you have been warned! But this too shall pass, eventually. In fact by Valentine’s Day, there should be a lull. In the meantime, try to tune in to your own inner rebel, or inner teenager, and vicariously enjoy their spirited resistance. Don’t we all wish we could change the world and have complete freedom?! But of course, we cannot. So, feel free to firmly set appropriate limits when needed, but don’t forget to have a compassionate heart while doing so — they do know the difference and respond accordingly.

Stay tuned for updates!

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