Air! Air! Air!

Hello Star Charmers — we start this week of Libra season with a lovely Grand Trine in air. The Moon is in Gemini from Sunday to Tuesday morning, making flowing aspects to the 3 planets in Libra and 2 in Aquarius — a very social vibe indeed! Libra pups will thrive on outings with other critters as well as humans. And although it is not typically mating season, any female Libras in heat will be pretty receptive to partnership! Especially with their ruler Venus in passionate Scorpio! Males may certainly be on the prowl as well! As the Moon moves into Cancer early Tuesday morning and continues progressing through Cancer Wednesday, it heightens a stressful aspect with Chiron in Aries, and Libra pups will most likely be feeling some agitation and moodiness on those days. This trend continues on Thursday, as the Moon opposes Pluto. However, there is also a Grand Trine in water Thursday, which is normally positive for emotional expression. If your Libra pup seems out of sorts, just be sure to provide extra affection and treats, and may be a new toy for distraction! By Thursday evening the Moon moves into Leo where it will be until the wee hours of Sunday morning (Pacific time). Libra and Leo are quite compatible, and these days should be great for playful, lighthearted activities — Good times next weekend!

As always, remember that astrology is a complex art, and a truly accurate reading is based on an individual’s birth chart and looks at the positions of all of the planets, not just the Sun sign.


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