The horoscopes we offer with our charms are based on the “sun sign” of your pup.   This is a fun and popular approach to astrology, because it is so often spot-on in describing dominant personality traits.  However, it is limited, because a thorough astrological reading involves looking at the influence of not only the sun but all of the planets in our solar system as well, what sign they each occupy at the moment of birth, and how they are positioned in relation to one another.   Yes, It is complicated!  But also very accurate.  This is why sometimes the sun sign alone doesn’t quite fit. For example, the personality of someone with a Leo sun and a Sagittarius moon will be quite different than someone with a Leo sun and a Libra moon.  Trust me!


If you are interested in a more in-depth astrological profile, a chart can be constructed based on the day of birth, and will be most accurate if the time is also known.  Please send inquiries to info@starcharming.com


Laurel has been studying the stars and communing with critters for as long as she can remember.  Her current kitty companion, Lilly , approves of this message.